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When it comes to agronomy, Rocky Mountain Supply offers a variety of services and products to the farmer, the rancher and even to the customer who lives in town - fertilizer, chemicals, soil testing, crop advising, and more.

Why, you ask, is it necessary to fertilize? Fertilizer because a proper fertilization program is a long-term investment that pays off continuously over time.

The basic purpose of fertilizer is to supplement soil nutrient reserves. This insures that a lack of those reserves does not limit crop growth (and thus profitability). Nutrient requirements increase with the level of crop production. Higher yields mean more roots, shoots, fruit and seed but those yields also mean an increase in total nutrients absorbed by the crop.

Soil nutrient reserves seldom have the capacity to provide the total essential nutrients for a crop. The farmer, rancher or other grower must balance crop withdrawals of nutrient reserves with nutrient application. He must be able to select not only the right kind of nutrient, but the right time and method of application in order to obtain the best possible results. To that end, he must rely on time tested tools which can help influence decisions on fertilizer use.

One of the best time tested tools a farmer, rancher or other grower can use when trying to determine the need for nutrient replacement is a soil test. Rocky Mountain Supply offers a soil testing program which begins with either a hydraulic type soil probe or an auger type soil probe both of which are capable of taking soil samples from 0-24 inches deep. These samples are collected in a manner which yields the best results for a particular area being tested. Once the samples are collected, they are submitted to a lab for processing. Results of the tests yield reports on the general quality of the soil, the nutrients available in the soil at the time of the test, the moisture capacity of the soil, etc.

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The reports on the soil make-up are then programmed into our Agri-Source computer system, which, when given information from the grower such as crop to be planted and yield desired, will provide the grower with complete breakdowns and recommendations on the appropriate fertilizer, micro nutrients, and/or chemicals which should be applied to the ground at what time in order for a crop to be raised as properly and profitably as possible.

Recommendations from the Agri-Source system are based on data from the county extension services of the surrounding area, research continually being done at universities, moisture conditions, crop histories, tillage histories, yield expectations, the potential for pest (insects and weeds), etc. All of this information is compiled to form a TOTAL recommendation.

The Agri-Source computer system also allows us to keep historical records which allow the grower to compare at a later date the results of the crop against the initial predictions. These records can be kept for several years, allowing the grower the opportunity to check and compare crops over an extended period.

From our fertilizer facilities located in Belgrade, Sheridan, and Townsend, Montana, we can provide a variety of dry and liquid fertilizers custom blended for the grower.

The dry fertilizers we currently carry can be used by themselves or by using state of the art equipment any number of them may be blended to meet specific requests or needs. We stock (or order in on an 'as needed' basis) the following dry fertilizer:

  • Ammonium phosphate sulfate 16-20-0-14
  • Urea 46-0-0
  • Mono-ammonium phosphate 11-52-0
  • Potash 0-0-62
  • Elemental sulphur (90% disintegrating flake)
  • Ammonium sulfate 21-0-0-24

We also offer a variety of micro-nutrients such as zinc, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, etc., which can be blended into the dry fertilizers as needed to meet a particular recommendation.

We offer the following liquid fertilizers for "fertigation" (mixing with irrigation water) through pivot sprinklers or other producer owned systems allowing the use of liquid fertilizers:

  • Ammonium Polyphosphate 10-34-0
  • Ammonium Thiosulfate 21-0-0-22
  • UAN (Urea / Ammonium Nitrate) 32-0-0

Rocky Mountain Supply maintains a complete delivery system including tender trucks, 3 computerized air flow applicator machines, Valmar air machines for seeding / dry chemical application, different sizes of pull type fertilizer spreaders, and a chemical spray applicator. We can also provide storage tanks and injector pumps for liquid fertilizers.

Desired product (and equipment if the grower is using Rocky Mountain Supply owned equipment to apply fertilizer themselves) can be delivered to your fields according to schedules that you, set up with our staff.

Our staff is also trained to examine fields and determine if there are problems (weevil infestations, uncontrolled weeds, etc.) which need to be addressed while also offering a complete line of products and custom application for controlling them.

In addition to all of the fertilizers, micro-nutrients and pest control products, Rocky Mountain Supply offers a full line of seed products including alfalfa, grass, hay barley, winter peas, and cereal grain seed.

Primary Members of Our Staff Area

Randy Craig
Agronomy Division Manager
Cell Phone: (406) 539-4016

Brandon Flikkema - Belgrade Agronomy 
Operations Manager
Cell Phone: (406) 539-4014

Jeff Nesbitt - Belgrade Sales
Cell Phone: (406) 600-5153 

Belgrade Office: (406) 388-6242
Belgrade Fax : (406) 388-0732

Mick Moos - Townsend Agronomy
Operations Manager
Cell : (406) 595-2074

Jesse Gullion - Townsend Sales
Cell : (406) 949-3456 

Townsend Seed Office: (406) 266-4444
Townsend Seed Fax : (406) 266-5851

Blake Rauser - Townsend Fertilizer Plant
Cell : (406) 594-2003

Townsend Fert Office: (406) 266-3422
Townsend Fert Fax : (406) 266-4912 

Scott Baize - Dillon Agronomy
Operations Manager
Cell : (406) 596-5847

Tayber Goff - Dillon Sales
Cell : (406) 660-0097

Dillon Office:  (406) 660-3124
Dillon Fax: (406) 683-1256

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Our hours are your hours. We are available at your convenience. Our vehicles are radio and/or cell phone equipped so staff can be contacted when they are in the field.

There may be other people, either temporarily assigned to agronomy operations from other departments, or hired part-time, as the need arises.