Bulk Fuel

simplified pricing

Simplified Pricing

We have made our pricing structure easier by removing the cash discount portion. When you buy fuel from Rocky Mountain Supply (RMS) you get the best price up front and the convenience of a 30-day charge account. There is no more hassle of writing separate checks for fuel purchases or worrying about sending payments on time.

Keepfill Program

Our keepfill program is the best way to insure you never run out of fuel. We have specific routes which we run the same time every month. By requesting to be on this program, not only do you never have to worry about your fuel levels, you save money by keeping the delivery system as efficient as possible.

Certified & Metered Tickets

The price you are quoted and pay is only as good as the validity of the delivery. If you are billed $3.50 per gallon on 200 gallons but you only received 190 gallons, you actually paid $3.68 per gallon. Unlike many of the other distributors, every Rocky Mountain Supply delivery truck has a state certified meter, which produces a stamped ticket. You will never pay for more than you received from Rocky Mountain Supply.

transport loads

Transport Loads

In addition to the short trucks, Rocky Mountain Supply runs a fleet of tanker trucks. We service our own stores as well as several other convenience stores. We also deliver to other large users such as farms, ranches, mines, schools, and construction firms. If you are a large volume user and can take several thousand gallons at a time, please call. We would be happy to help you with your fuel purchases.

Premium Products

You always get the most for your money with Cenex petroleum products. We offer regular unleaded as well as premium unleaded for your convenience. We also deliver #1 and #2 dyed or clear diesel depending on your application. For those of you wanting the most protection and highest performance for your diesel engine, we carry Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster and Roadmaster XL premium diesels.

Tank Monitors

We offer electronic tank monitors free of charge to those who are interested. We will install the monitors at no charge to you. After installation, you and RMS will be able to track tank volumes through a secure internet connection. We can then schedule deliveries to take advantage of price fluctuations and volume discounts.

Forward Contracting

How would you like to reduce the risk and volatility of the prices you pay? We can help. Rocky Mountain Supply offers fixed forward contracts to help you manage your price and improve budgeting. Give us a call to find out if fuel contracting is right for you. We would be happy to help.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Supply?

Secure Supply

In today’s world of increased fuel consumption and limited refineries, you can count on Rocky Mountain Supply to provide the products you need. Our partnership with Cenex and their Laurel, Montana refinery gives us an extreme advantage over others who buy on the open market. When supplies get short, we will be there when others are not.

Cooperative Business Model

We strongly believe in the cooperative system and its benefits to you. Unlike other private or corporate businesses, the coop’s sole purpose is to provide you, the owners the best products and services. This is your company; it was formed to service its members. When you purchase goods and services from Rocky Mountain Supply, you are supporting yourself. As the coop prospers, you receive stock as well as cash dividends.

Rocky Mountain Supply’s greatest asset is all of the great employees. We are always eager to help you with your petroleum needs and questions, and we look forward to serving you.

Who to Call?

Jason Rorabaugh
Petroleum Division Manager

Justin Morris
Petroleum Operations Manager

Dawn Forcier
Petroleum Administrator

Petroleum Office: (406) 388-6116